April-2015 MiLord Saxi

SCAdian of the month

MiLord Saxi Thunnkar

Michael Poynter


 l_bf7164aa746b4e6488f699876626d3c2When did you start in the SCA?

I Started in the SCA in 2009.

Where did you start your SCA adventure?

It all started in the Barony of Calafia, Kingdom of Caid.

Kingdom of Caid

Barony of Calafia


What is your favorite part of the SCA?

My favorite part of the SCA is the diversity of interests. If you cant find something that suites your personality you may be looking in the wrong area. There are new skills to learn that you would be surprised how much you use them in everyday life.

What was your most memorable event in the SCA so far?

My Most memorable experience is when I proposed to my wife. Right afterwards her 4 squire brothers and Knight threw down a gauntlet (literally) for a challenge fight to prove my worth, along with the rest of a house. 15 to 20 back to back fights later I faced the Crowned Prince who got in a fighting stance and then dropped to a knee and told me he would not fight someone who had fought that hard for a woman. Yeah, that was pretty cool.

What would you tell a newcomer to look forward to in the SCA?

My best advice to newcomers is to keep a very open mind. I Started off only playing in heavy fighting and thought everything else was for the birds. 5 Years later I am in a drama group, still fighting, starting a household, and thinking about learning how to sew. You never know what you may try and actually like.