Birthday 2017 Feast

Buckston Birthday Bash 2017

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Join us to kick off the holiday season with a feast fit for a king: Henry II, to be exact, whose palace cooks compiled the oldest English cookbook in 1390.

From simple roast beef to fancy dishes with rich spices, we’ll have something to please every palate. Plus, we’ll top it off with a fantastic birthday cake.

Do you have special dietary considerations?  See if our feast will fit your needs!

 King Henry

Buckston’s  41st Birthday

November 18, A.S. LII (2017 Gregorian)
Feast in the Court of Henry II
London, 1390

Bread (gluten free option)
Bread & cheeseMeatballs
Sweet & Sour Fish
Chicken & Rice
Salad, fish, chicken and rice
Mac & Cheese
Sautéed Spinach
Calabash stew with Pork
Mac and cheese, spinach, calabash stew
Roast Beef
Mushrooms & Leeks
Wheat Pilaf
Chickpeas, roast beef, mushrooms and leeks, wheat pilaf
Birthday cake! Birthday cake

Special Dietary Considerations

Course Ye Olde Name Modern Name Gluten
No Red
1 Brede Bread  
1 Chese Cheeses  
1 Pommedorry Meatballs shaped like green or gold apples    
1   Gluten free pancake option
2 Salat Salad of mixed greens with quail eggs
2 Egrodouce of Fysshe Sweet & sour fish  
2 Blank Maunger Chicken & rice    
3 Macrows Mac & cheese    
3 Spynoches Yfried Sauteed spinach
3 Gourdes in Potage Calabash stew with pork    
4 Chyches Roasted chickpeas with garlic and olive oil
4 Stekys of bef Roast beef with period steak sauce    
4 Funges Mushrooms with leeks
4 Furmenty Wheat pilaf    
5   Birthday Cake      
5   Gluten-free Candy Option