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Buckston Birthday Bash 2017

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Interactive History Displays

Mistress Michel Almond de Champagne will be hosting several interactive displays that are open to all who attend.

Baronial Award Art Gallery

We are asking that anyone who has received a Baronial Award bring their scroll to the event for display.  Each person who brings their scrolls to the event will be given a 5×7 card to fill out the following information:  Name, Award, Name of B&B who presented them the award, Date of the award and if the name of the scribe is known, that as well.  The 5×7 card will be displayed next to the scroll.  If the scroll is not framed, we will have plastic protection cases that the scroll can be placed in.   All scrolls framed or in plastic cases will be displayed at the event.

Heraldry Display

There will be extra-large sheet of paper which will have a blank shield printed on it.  Anyone who wishes to fill in their device will have the opportunity to do so.  Markers and crayons will be available.  All devices will be hung up around the hall.

Giant Baronial Tree

There will be a wall covered in paper with a giant outline of a tree on it.  We are asking that all members of the barony who are in attendance add their name and the date they became members to the tree.


We welcome past Barons and Baronesses to Homecoming at our birthday.  There will be a reintroduction of each to our populace at court.


Kids will make their own hobby stags (like hobby horses but, better)!  Later they’ll be able to take their creations and process at court.  

Back by popular demand we’ll also have sack races!


The talented and wonderful Sophie the Orange will guide us through Medieval dance – afternoon and evening dance will be available.

Bardic Circle

Join Manus McDhai during the afternoon and late evening for an assortment of bardic revelry.


Lady Eilon bat Miriam will provide table top games and assorted outdoor Viking games to challenge your brains and skill.