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 Buckston Birthday Bash 2016

Buckston Bash Flyer TN

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Good gentles of the Kingdom of Atlantia, Barony of Windmasters Hill, the Canton of Buckston-on-Eno does invite all to the 2016 Buckston Birthday Bash, held the 12th day of November 2016. 

The theme for this year’s Birthday Bash is largesse, in keeping with the canton’s goal this year of giving back to the SCA community.

This day will hold activities and competitions for all ages and pursuits.

Registration is now open.

Combat Activities

There will be marshaled combat in both armored and rapier, and a thrown weapons event.   All are welcome to witness or participate.  Prizes awarded for the winners of marshaled events.

Arts and Sciences Activities

This year we are proudly boasting three competitions in the A&S category.

Dessert Competition – Calling all fine gentles who cook!  Come impress your brethren and royal peers with your culinary talents.  Please prepare in advance – kitchen not available for competition.

Dirty Bakers Dozen Largesse Competition – It is always an honor to be able to present our Royal Majesties with bounty from our Canton that they may gift to the populace.  This competition will put not only your skills but your thoughtfulness and imagination to the test.  Each entry must contain a total of a baker’s dozen of like items (13 pouches, for example).  That’s right, 13 like items of your choosing to present as largesse. First place gets their choice of one of the largesse items, the other 12 are donated, second place gets second choice, etc.

Blankapalooza – Scroll Blanks! This competition is for the scribe in all of us.  This is an illumination competition to provide blank scrolls for both Barony and Kingdom.  Choose a destination and grab a brush.  Be bold and try something new; a bright color, a beautiful style, a bonzo material like leather, rock or wood!  Bling it and bring it!  There will be prizes for the best executed and most creative in both baronial and kingdom blank categories.  *Please refer to the scribal handbooks for barony and kingdom as needed for basic expectations of size, margins if frameable, etc.

Other Sport

Merchants – Merchants will be on hand, outside.  There is still room – contact the autocrat if you would like to sell your wares onsite.

Afternoon Dancing and Bardic – Join us for afternoon dancing and an afternoon bardic circle.  All are invited to join the revelry.

Riddle Tourney and Outdoor Games – Come one and all to try your hand at medieval games of all sorts.  An assortment of outdoor games will be provided.  There will also be a Riddle Tourney, with prizes to be awarded.

Children’s Activities – Because we also have “competitors in training” of all ages we welcome children of all ages.  It is a birthday party and a family event.  All are welcome and will be provided for.  There will be indoor activities and outdoor games.

Evening Bardic – our evening will conclude with the talents of many of gentles in the form of bardic entertainment.

Dishes from the food tasting for the 2016 Buckston Birthday Feast

Food for the Birthday

Lunch – There will be some hospitality at the field pavilion.  Gentles are encouraged to bring a picnic lunch.

Feast – Join us for a Feast in the Court of Prince Henry the Navigator, Lisbon, Portugal, 1450.  Some of the mouthwatering treats available will include smoked fish, garlic sausage, prosciutto, bread, fresco and hard cheeses, saffron rice, lentils and poached eggs, whole garlic cloves sautéed with wilted Swiss chard, quince and cheese tarts, candied pears, candied orange peel, anisette and honey cookies, and poached pears. Click here for details.

Gold Key

There will be a gold key table, and loaner garb available for newcomers.


10:00 am Authorizations begin
11:00 am Fighting begins
11:00 am – 2:00 pm Kids activities
11:00 am – 3:00 pm A&S Competitions
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm Afternoon dancing
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm Afternoon bardic circle
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm Outdoor games
5:00 pm Court
6:00 pm  Feast
8:30 pm Bardic circle

Location & Other Details

Buckston Birthday Bash 2016

Schley Grange Hall, 3416 Schley Road, Hillsborough, NC (note: some mapping software puts this address in Hurdle Mills, NC)

Time – 10 am until 10 pm

$15 Adult non-member
$10 Adult member discount rate
$5 Children 5-17 years

Feast – $10 per person (80 person capacity.) Space is limited so don’t delay.

Parking on site.  

This is a dry site.


Register by printing out the registration form and mailing it to the registrar; contact information is included on the form.
      Registration form in .docx format (Word)
      Registration form in .pdf format

If you will have a minor with you that is not your child, you must complete the Minor’s Medical Authorization form.  If you have any questions about whether you need to complete this form, please contact the registrar.


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Suzanne Stacey