Dirty Bakers Dozen Largesse Competition Rules

Buckston Birthday Bash

November 12, 2016 

What is Largesse?

Largesse is a form of chivalry dating back to way before the medieval period.

Largesse means “a generous bestowal of gifts”. Largesse within the SCA are items that are given to other members to show appreciation, to use for prizes, and for any other reason the giver decides.

Who Will Receive My Items?

The short answer is that they will be given to Their Majesties. The long answer is that it can be anyone! The Royals travel near and far. They could give your item to someone you know within your own canton just as easily as to someone from a whole other Kingdom!

Why is Buckston Doing This?

This year, Buckston-on-Eno wanted to start giving back. We have incorporated “Give Back Nights” into our A&S meetings. Our goal is to give back to our community, to our Canton, to our Barony, and to our Kingdom. Besides, the crowns need cool stuff for prizes and appreciation. How awesome is it that something you made might make it to the other side of the country (or even the world)?

What are the Rules?

Make 13 similar items for largesse. For example, 13 pouches or 13 rings. They don’t have to be exactly the same, just the same type of thing.

Please make sure that you label each of your entries with your SCA name, your mundane name, your canton, and some sort of contact information. The receiver of your item may want to acknowledge you for your donation or may want to contact you about a commission! If there are any special care instructions or allergens, please put that on the label as well.

Bring your entry to the A&S area (inside the building) by 10AM.

All entries will be voted on and the winners and runners-up will be chosen.

The winner will choose one of the largesse items donated to the competition as a prize and the remaining 12 will be removed. The second place winner chooses next, and so on. All entrants will receive one item of largesse for their participation.

This will leave 12 of each item to be donated to Their Majesties.

There is no limit to the number of entries you can make! Please remember that every 13 items is one entry. None of the entries will be returned.

The biggest rule is HAVE FUN! Get creative and enjoy what you are doing!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email at damiana_98@yahoo.com or look for us on the web at http://buckston.atlantia.sca.org/


Diana of Windmasters Hill (Melissa Farmer)

Seneschal, Buckston-on-Eno