March-2015 Milord Doyle

SCAdian of the month

Milord Doyle

Thomas Doyle


 doyleWhen did you start in the SCA?

I started in the year of our lord 2009.

Where did you start your SCA adventure?

It all started in the Barony of Calafia, Kingdom of Caid.

Kingdom of Caid

Barony of Calafia

What is your favorite part of the SCA?

Armored combat, its a true form of martial arts! I get to hit people in the face with a stick and people compliment you on the hit!

What was your most memorable event in the SCA so far?

Potrero War in 2009. It was by far the largest amount of combat I was able to participate in. I was apart of the Ninth Legion, and we did very well on the field of battle the entire time.


What would you tell a newcomer to look forward to in the SCA?

You can get a taste of what it must have been like to fight on a battlefield prior to the proliferation of gunpowder. Of course, this is without all the danger and carnage of such practices.