SCAdian of the month

Lord Charles Fleming

Brian Towey




When did you start in the SCA?

I first met the SCA in 1976. Swashbuckling was pretty much invented in my college quad—rattan daggers and all—and a couple of guys who would win the first White Scarves invited me to a weekend demo at the Texas Renaissance Faire. Back then it was all about wine, women, and song. I tried on a Cavalier outfit, but I looked like Peter Frampton in drag, so I grew my first mustache to look manly in a wig.

I think my first armor was made of scrap carpet, with a borrowed helmet made from a Freon can.1

Where did you start your SCA adventure?

Many years later, as a dad, I was looking for a way to get outdoors, go dancing, enjoy a sport, and give our home school a boost. The SCA met all the requirements, but I have to say my wife was suspicious given my earlier experience in the club. We found the Windmasters’ Hill group at the local Festival for the Eno.


What is your favorite part of the SCA?

I’m a “war person” in general, not a “tourney person”. I love big battles, both watching and fighting. But the best of the best is the Green Dragon Inn at Gulf Wars. It’s a reproduction of an Elizabethan tavern, and it’s pure magic. Sitting there in the firelight, mug in hand, listening to the bards, your mind slips a gear and for a moment you believe you’re really back in time. There are other ways to generate those “magic moments” but this one does it for me every time.



What was your most memorable event in the SCA so far? 

No bull, there I was at the Pennsic Ball. The volunteer musicians were tootling away on their recorders and whatnot. Many dancers were chatting around the hall. Suddenly, in swooped the band called Wolgemut like a hawk among doves. “Do you want to dance?” they roared. “I said, do you want to dance?” Then they started blasting away on bass drums and German bagpipes, producing more volume in that barnlike room than you would possibly believe from human-powered instruments. Everybody got up and started dancing. You couldn’t have scripted it better for a music video. This is the same band, by the way, that got cited for excessive noise while playing on a Manhattan sidewalk. Think about that.




What would you tell a newcomer to look forward to in the SCA?

Unlike some living history groups, you can grow into the SCA. You don’t have to get everything perfect on the first try. You can refine your fighting style without perfect armor. You can work on your costume while camping in a modern tent. You can dig deeply into what you love right now, and worry about the rest later. So pursue your passion. Learn from the best. Jump into the big leaf pile of compatible hobbies.



Argent, a lion rampant sable and on a chief vert three Latin crosses argent.





Award information taken from the Atlantian Order or Precedence.

Award Date Ascending
Award Name Heraldic Badge for Precedence sort
Event Bestowed By
6/28/2003 Award of Arms (Atlantia) Windmasters’ Hill Baronial Champions (Windmaster’s Hill) Logan IV and Isabel II
2/9/2008 Companion of the St. Nicholas (Atlantia) (Windmaster’s Hill) Ymir (Elvegast) Gaston and Rosalind
5/9/2009 Honorary Citizen of Windmasters’ Hill (Atlantia) (Windmaster’s Hill) Academie of the Rapier (Kapellenberg) Girard and Guenievre
5/9/2009 Supporters (Atlantia) (Spike or Kittyhawk) Academie of the Rapier (Kapellenberg) Logan VI and Esa I