Sept-2015-Lord Artus-Falconieri

SCAdian of the month

Lord Artus Falconieri

Paul McLamb



 When did you start in the SCA?

My first exposure to the SCA was in the Kingdom of Caid in 1983.  I was a young sailor freshly graduated from bootcamp, and after reporting to Balboa Naval Hospital for Hospital Corpsman A School, I decided to explore Balboa Park right across the street.  While in the park I discovered a Renn Faire taking place, and two men dressed in armor, engaged in combat, one with a stick and shield, the other with a shield and flail.  I was completely enthralled and came back several times to speak with the gentles running the demo.  Unfortunately my training took priority and soon I was off to my first duty station.

Where did you start your SCA adventure?

After finishing my enlistment, and getting married, I rediscovered the SCA in the then Free-City of Marinus.  My first event was the Inaugural Investiture of Marinus as a Barony in September of 1987.  In 1989 my family and I departed Marinus and traveled to what would be known as the Shire of Seareach.  There we assisted in the formation of the new group and made several friends, some of whom are still in the SCA today.  After a second stent of active duty for Desert Shield/Storm, we relocated to the Barony of Windmasters Hill in 1991.  I have been active in both Kappellenberg and now Buckston-on-Eno, holding offices as both Canton Knights Marshall and Canton Herald for Kappellenberg and now Marshall for Buckston.   

What is your favorite part of the SCA?

This is probably the hardest question.  I love the people and pageantry.   I love the team work and comradery. I love the fact that if you have an interest in cooking, woodworking, painting, brewing, anything that could remotely be linked to the SCA period, you can find someone who knows about it and is more than willing to teach you.

What was your most memorable event in the SCA so far? Paul1

That would be Gulf Wars 17, when I had the honor of processing with the Kingdom of Calontir, carrying one of the Calontir Hawks.  I have had a lifelong interest in falconry and had the privilege to work with the falconers doing flight demonstrations and static presentations.  


What would you tell a newcomer to look forward to in the SCA?

Don’t be afraid.  If you see someone doing something that interests you, go up and ask them questions. Most people are more than willing to talk about their interests and passions.  Volunteer.  If you are interested in fighting, take water out to the fighters and talk to them, ask questions, look at their gear. If you are interested in cooking, volunteer to help in the kitchen with feast prep.  A good way to meet people is to volunteer at troll. You don’t have to work all day, but just an hour or two is always appreciated by the folks doing these jobs.  One of the most enjoyable things for me is to serve feast, I get to joke and laugh with my table and we have a good time.




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Award Date Ascending
Award Name Heraldic Badge for Precedence sort
Event Bestowed By
8/12/1992 Award of Arms (Atlantia) Pennsic War XXI (East) Michael V and Seonaid III
2/10/2006 Companion of the Tempest (Atlantia) (Windmaster’s Hill) The 31st Tourney of Ymir (Windmaster’s Hill) Geoffrey and Maddalena
2/10/2007 Companion of the Opal (Atlantia) Tourney of Ymir (Windmaster’s Hill) Ragnarr III and Anneke I


Award information taken from the Atlantian Order or Precedence.